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Digital Daily FAQ


Why do I need to log into the WWD Digital Daily, when in the past I could just open the pdf?

We’ve re-platformed the WWD Digital Daily to give you a much more substantial user experience.  Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Customized Viewing Options
  • Optimized Layouts for Mobile
  • An Improved Zoom Feature
  • Access to Digital Daily Archives
  • Bookmark Articles to Read Later
  • Download or Print the Entire Issue from inside the e-Reader

The new platform that gives you this exceptional functionality comes with a requirement for log in.

Having problems accessing WWD Digital Daily? Let us help you set up your access.

Email Address

Don’t know your email address?  

This is the address where your WWD Digital Daily is sent each morning.

Password (remember, these are case sensitive)

Don’t know your password?

Instructions to reset your password can be found by clicking here.


Having trouble navigating the e-reader?

For a quick tutorial, click on the “i “on the e-reader tool bar, or go to the menu on the top far right, click “info” and “how to use.”


Having browser difficulty?

If you are experiencing browser difficulty, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. If you are on a desktop computer, be sure you are using a newer version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If you are on an iPhone or iPad, please update to the latest version of iOS — this will also update your browser to a newer version. If you are using an Android device, please update to the latest version and ensure the browser app is updated.

Mobile Usage

Having trouble opening the Digital Daily on your mobile device?

Please disable your pop-up blocker and cookie blocker.

Special Features

Having trouble using the “keep me logged in” feature?

Please enable your cookies and check the privacy settings on your browser.


How to zoom in using the e-reader

On a desktop computer, click the – or + signs on the top bar. If you’re using a mobile device, you can pinch to zoom, just like you would on a PDF or website. It may take a moment or two for the text and images to zoom in, depending on your phone and internet connection.

If you continue to experience problems, be sure you are using a newer version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If you are on a mobile device, this means you will need to either update your OS to the latest version, or update your browser app via the app store.


How to access the text version of articles

To access a text version of the article, click or tap on the headline.

If I am not a current customer, how can I subscribe?

Please go to