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Morpheus8, Moxi Laser and Other Tweakments Taking Over the Internet

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures are all the rage on social media.

A time-is-money mentality is quickly becoming the governing influence in consumers’ beauty routines.

Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures — or “tweakments” — are gaining steam as consumers increasingly deem routine aesthetic procedures a more compelling value proposition than an exhaustive everyday beauty (and, in some instances, fitness) regimen.

In fact, the hashtag #HighMaintenanceToBeLowMaintenance — clunky and verbose as it is — has amassed 226,000 TikTok views and counting, with users adopting it to demonstrate their takes on the concept, which range from regularly scheduled lash lifts in lieu of wearing mascara, to swapping antiaging products for preventative botox.

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Said Yarden Horwitz, cofounder of beauty search data provider, Spate, “There’s now this question, as we face the idea of a potential looming recession where, if people are putting their money toward tweakments instead of serums and face masks, how is that going to affect brands?”

At the same time, Horwitz noted that Gen Z, who generally have less disposable income, are increasingly interested in tweakments, meaning analysts are also anticipating recession-induced budgetary shifts may come at the expense of maintaining such aesthetic treatments.

Here, the top 10 tweakments in the U.S. according to Spate, as ranked by year-over-year growth in U.S. Google Searches.

  1. Moxi Laser: 126 percent
  2. Morpheus8: 81 percent
    • The meteoric rise of microneedling treatment Morpheus8 has been bolstered by its Kardashian connections. Last fall, Kim Kardashian uploaded an Instagram Story hailing the treatment as a “game-changer” for a tightened tummy appearance.
  3. Diamondglow Facial: 28 percent
  4. Half Syringe Lip Filler: 24 percent
  5. Filler Dissolver: 22 percent
    • While pronounced lip filler was all the rage just a few years back, consumers seem to be dialing it back: “The fact that half syringe lip filler is coming up shows people are becoming more specific and intentional about how much they want, and finding a good balance,” Horwitz said.
  6. Air Sculpting: 18 percent
  7. PRP Eye Rejuvenation: 16 percent
  8. Laser Lipolysis: 14 percent
  9. Intense Pulsed Light: 14 percent
  10. Dysport: 10 percent